Case Study: Victorian Major Renovation in Candler Park, GA

Here is a case study on a Victorian style house renovation as we restored it in a way that preserved its historic charm while turning it into a cozy home for a 21st century family. For more information and images please click here.

The existing home had absolutely no insulation. To save energy costs and overall power consumption by removal all of the plaster in the home and sealing the entire exterior to prevent air leakage and drafts. We also installed moisture-barriers and insulation in the crawl space and vapor barriers and insulation on the first floor. We insulated all walls, ceilings, and attic.

We replaced most of the windows with energy-efficient models that still matched the original style. High-efficiency plumbing fixtures were installed to reduce water waste.

We used low-VOC products to reduce harmful volatile organic compounds which can cause severe health risks. High efficiency HVAC units reduce long-term energy consumption and utility costs.

Per the new energy code, we implemented the option of sealing and insulating the crawl space beneath the house and installing a dehumidification system to condition the crawl space. This conditioned crawl space provides for healthier indoor air quality, reduces overall energy costs, and protects the home and stored belongings from moisture damage.

We added a gorgeous, gated deck, a mulched dog run on the side, and even a detached studio in the back yard.

Now, the home provides everything this growing family needs to thrive in the beautiful and highly accessible neighborhood of Candler Park. The finished product blends historic charm with modern comfort.