Case Study: Custom-Built Craftsman House

This project at Lake Claire Neighborhood is a family home built on a infill lot in a historic intown section of Atlanta. For more details and information please click here.

To accomplish this, we sought out one of the most dilapidated eyesores in Lake Claire–a decrepit little house that had been abandoned for over two years–and set out to transform it into a beautiful custom-designed, craftsman-influenced home with plenty of curbside appeal.

We were able to complete the project without cutting down any trees at all, allowing us to maintain the neighborhood’s existing greenery while adding some of our own as well.

The existing property had severe drainage issues which were causing it to flood out the elderly neighbor’s home next door. Luckily, through a combination of landscaping, hardscaping, and establishing an on-site infiltration area to house storm water, we were able to solve these drainage and flooding issues and restore peace to the neighborhood!

The custom interior of this 5-bedroom, 4-bathroom home was designed and constructed with great attention to elegant detail and ornate craftsmanship, with hardwood floors and crown moldings. It also includes a fully-finished basement with everything from a home theatre to a full bar, making it a perfect place to entertain.

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