Happy Earth Day!


Happy Earth Day from Heirloom Design Build!

Celebrate with us at Sweetwater 420 Fest in Candler Park this weekend!

Then make some eco-friendly changes to your home with these great and simple tips from HouseLogic!

1. Put up a clothes line to dry clothes this summer.

2. Shut down your computer at night (instead of putting it to sleep).

3. Take shorter showers instead of using the shower as a meditation chamber (gotta love that white noise).

4. Put something heavy (like a brick or bottle of water) in the toilet tank. It displaces the water, so you need less to fill the tank after flushing.

5. While waiting for the shower water to warm up, put a bucket under the faucet. Use that water for plants.

6. Always use low-VOC paints.

What are your Earth Day resolutions?